It’s a common thought that the man assumes the big spoon position, while the woman is naturally the little spoon. But why? Why should it be assumed that the man HAS to be the big spoon?
I absolutely love to cuddle. It’s such a comforting feeling to have someone wrapped around you, holding you, making you feel safe. Will does that for me. He is bigger than me, and makes me feel so relaxed and at ease when he is my big spoon. We have snugs down to a science. The position we fall asleep. How his arms fit around me. But we don’t stay in that position all night. It’s impossible to lay in one position all night, without moving. Will is warm by nature, and while I am usually cold, sometimes we get too hot to be cuddling and we break apart. He might turn and lay on the other side, or his back or stomach. In an effort to offer him the same wonderful comfort he gives me, I will take on the big spoon role. (I also can’t help but touch him. It makes me know he isn’t too far). Of course, I can’t engulf him in the same way, but I wrap my arm around him and hold him. We sometimes joke about who gets to be snugs first. I usually win, but I know it’s only because he knows he will eventually get the snugs too.
He loves to be the little spoon. It doesn’t make me question his manhood. I don’t think any less of him as a man. He is still one of the most manly men I know. So why is it assumed that men can’t be little spoon? Sometimes I sleep light. It’s hard to get to sleep, or stay asleep, if Will is congested and breathing into my ear. So big spoon works better for me in that case too.
I’m happy to have a big, strong man who will snugs me, make me feel safe and comforted. But I don’t mind offering him a little of the same. He may not feel like I can protect him, because I probably can’t. But I hope I offer him some comfort when he needs it.