VCU isn’t a school you go to if you want to join Greek life. The Greek community is smaller than most schools, but, since I went to college, it has been gradually growing. Originally, I socialized with friends I had known from high school until one of them decided she wanted to join a sorority. She asked if I would go to recruitment with her, and as someone who loves to make friends, I happily agreed. Immediately walking into Phi Sigma Sigma’s recruitment room I was greeted with down-to-earth, no drama ladies that made me want to to be a part of their organization. Amy was one of the first sisters that invited me out after I started pledging. She wasn’t like other girls. She had a sense of humor and wit that immediately made me want to get to know her. Although, like most people Amy wanted to be liked by others, she had a honesty that also showed she was firm in her beliefs and stood up for what she felt was important. We bonded quickly. Mostly over a whole bottles of alcohol, some drunk crying, and stumbling home after long nights of partying. I always felt like she knew what I was thinking, even before I could say it. We spent our college years side-by-side, conquering all the trials and tribulations of those times. Our sorority was not always the drama-free environment that I initially perceived it to be, but in the face of any drama Amy and I were always united. That saying “if my best friend hates you, then so do I” always rang true. We both dealt with hard breakups, and the other one was there to pick up the pieces and help the hurt of moving on. When Amy and I graduated, she decided to move to Houston for a fresh start. I was heartbroken that someone I could see whenever I wanted would be thousands of miles away, but I knew the change would be great for her. And it has been. We don’t always talk everyday but we don’t need to. Amy is fairly opposite of me in certain aspects. But we are identical in others. When I need honest, good advice, she is the one I go to. She won’t sugar coat it, and talking to her makes everything better, even if just for that moment. The miles apart are not a barrier for our continued friendship. I know when I get married, have children, or celebrate all the milestones of life, Amy will be there. But more importantly, I know when I’m having feelings of self-doubt, sadness, or dealing with the hard parts of life, she will be there for that too. She may have a glass of wine or a book in her hand, but she will always be there.

Daily Prompt: Something So Strong